Crooked River Songlines with Spurse

Crooked River Songlines was a 48 hr. project by SPURSE during the Cleveland Ingenuity Festival in July of 2008.

Crooked River in First and Third Persons with SPURSE was a 48-hour way-finding via sound experiment that re-engaged the multiple legacies of the Cuyahoga River – its industrial fires, marine life losses, engineers’ ambitions, immigrant dreams, serpentine navigations—with its contemporary forms of agency.

The river’s complex, intertwined realities as an industrial, cultural and natural waterway were re-inscribed as a sonic way-finding system through the city grid of downtown Cleveland and the venue of Ingenuity Festival 2008.[1]

Festival participants encountered these dynamic flows of nature-cultures via (1) a way-finding radio broadcast of original compositions derived from encounters with the river, (2) a feed of historical images texted to the participant’s phone, triggered by our buoys’ location on the river and (3) cell phone-based eavesdropping on river activity.  Project website:

[1] Description of “Crooked River in First and Third Persons” is taken from the project’s website,


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